Friday, March 16, 2007

Bus pictures so I don't loose them!!

In the wire wrap jewelry forum on yahoo we are talking about living on the road full time so I pulled these pictures out of ether to show how we lived for many years while on the road.

I wish I had more pictures of the bus but back then we didn't ever get the camera out. A digital is something we didn't yet have and who ever went near a photo Center? You can kind of see the denim bag behind her. It hung from hook at he end of the shelves lining the bed. It was for dirty laundry. When I had a hard time getting out of the bed into the kitchen it was time to find a washing machine in some little town some where.

Tera is sitting on her stool in front of the wooden built in trunk that housed all our dry goods and tripled as a step into the big bed in the back of the bus and had a cushion across it so you could sit in the kitchen.

The dog hated the cat but the cat didn't care. One of he few times we let the dog on the couch in the living room so he wasn't going to start a fight. We built the couch to be long enough for a 6 foot human to sleep on which was good when our teenage son moved back "home". We made sure we built it high enough to fit the long high milk crates. We got four under there. One for shoes, one for toys, one for overstock, and one for yarn to crochet.

From the edge of the bed in the living room. Out of sight to the right is the fridge and stove, to the left two sinks. Behind the rainbow curtain was a toilet built like a closet so there was storage over it accessible from the kitchen. Big things like kettles etc lived there. The "stuff" under the dinning table was a box that had slide on front covers. When we would settle down I would take off the faces and Tera's play room was under the table. Behind her is the big couch that was the size of almost a single bed.

Us on the big couch. I refused to have anything that rode in the bus since we would stop anywhere to eat or stay. Everything had to have it's permanent home. No piles of lawn chairs on the floor while we travelled. The second we "stopped" we were good to do anything.
Above us and on all sides of the bus was a built in overhead shelf that was open but had rails. Everything lived up there! Storage storage storage! We had learnt that from living in an RV. They suck for storage space.
When we moved out of the bus into a 35 foot motor home we had to get rid of so much stuff because it wouldn't fit and we didn't even have the booth anymore!

Tera and I in her "playroom". The table also could come down and we could make another single bed. We only did it a few times when someone was sick. Then we would have a house with three beds to lounge around in.
The seats at the table were storage and held all my beads and wire. I made sure we built a BIG table. I could set out all my beads and work indoors if I had to.

On the couch watching TV. The shelves beside her also had fronts that I pulled out when we were sitting and slid in when we were travelling. The other knick knacks I glued down .

I found this picture on someone else's website about a festival they were at. Obviously we must have been there too?

Uncle Mick of Mic's Rocks set up in front of us at a barter fair in Idaho I think.

Tera and her bus buddies sharing some sort of treat on the hood of another bus.


Kat's Custom Kreations said...

OH WOW! Thanks for sharing these pictures and memories! What an amazing story!

Cherie said...

Loved reading this. What an amazing experience. :)

Nicoletta said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

Nicoletta said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

MsT said...


I got converted to bus travelling by the patchwork lady. She remembers Pink Floyd from Meltdown in Washington. I'm sure you two crossed paths other times at shows. She made patchwork shorts and skirts on the fly out of corduroy patches. Her newest travelling vehicle is a converted *short* bus. It is very comfy for two and we have had others travel with us when there was a need for a ride.

Lily Patchmaker grew up in a bus all up and down upper coast of California. She has expanded her personal tour to include many other states of the Union.

I love seeing the different bus decorations and how others built in so much usable space !

Thanks for posting !

MsT said...

Thanks for posting the inside shots. I have enjoyed travelling in a converted *short* bus recently. Lily Patchmaker converted the Sunflower for roaming the country. It works well and like you said "so much stuff" can be stored, built in , etc. There's a lot more paint on her now and there's always new innovations as time goes on.