Friday, November 23, 2012


We have an exciting new addition to our lives. Very exciting. In fact he is so excitable he has a realy hard time not running into walls, doors, legs, well anything really. He is so busy looking at our faces while he runs in front of us and all of those things just get in his way!

He is pretty darned cute and we are really lucky to have him.

Our old dog Roscoe passed away about two years ago. He was with us for a good a long time, I figure he was almost 20 or maybe older.

This is a picture of roscoe on the right.

When he passed we knew a new pouch would come into our lives so we watched, we wondered, we waited.

The neighbor came over and said that his rescued Terrier girl had 9 puppies from his Chocolate Lab (it was an accident) and could we take a puppy?

With a bit of excitement on one hand, and a bit of head hanging at knowing the work a puppy was we went through the bush at the back of our property to his Terrier's kennel and here was Loki.

When he isn't chasing his tail, eating, barking to go out, chasing a cat, chewing a bone, torturing our other dog Sandy, trying to get on the couch, stealing things from Tera's room, finding things in the garbage or ripping apart toilet paper he sleeps.

When he sleeps he is actually kind of endearing.

He is 5 months old now and he is almost as big as our German Shepard Cross. He is built like a tank and now when he runs into us he bowls us over but he still is pretty sure he should still be a lap puppy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My birthday is January 29th and the kyote got me an early present. A Damale bracelet by Bill Murdoch. She's gorgeous!!

"DAMALE - VARISCITE / FAUSTITE & PAIUTE - TURQUOISE The Damale mine is located 30 miles east of Austin, Nevada on the east side of Damele Mountain at the south east end of the Simpson Park Range. The site is about a mile southwest of the Dry Creek (Godber) mine. Damale turquoise is distinctive because of the unusual colors the gems in a yellow-green to bright mint green with excellent hardness. The Damele deposit produces very little material of the standard blue colors most people commonly associate with turquoise. Mineralogically, most of the material produced here is likely Variscite, Chalcosiderite or possibly Faustite. The mine consists of a single medium sized open pit excavation. The adjoining Paiute turquoise deposit shares the same hill with the Godber mine, produces material of a standard good blue color. The Damale material is mostly in nugget form, with a webbing consisting of a dark brown to black matrix. Its availability is limited because the mine is fairly small and considerable laying back of the steep pit walls will be required for further production. The mine is worked only sporadically by the owner on a small scale. Due to its rare, bright and attractive colors, Damale is considered a collectible gemstone." Info from Nevada Outback Gems
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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

More Show Pics

In this set we managed to snag a picture of dear Karen. This was at the Wimberely Bead Society trunk show, smack dab in the middle of summer in Texas. I tell ya I am dedicated!

Oh a very poor picture of me. Just remeber it's like 202 degrees out!

Belly dancing belts we carry at shows ............... made in Pakistan.

I really should give her a name. I think we might be living with her for awhile. At $300 someone who really loves skulls and labradorite will have to come along.

More Gem Show Pictures

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tera the undead?

I was off to Dallas to do a gem show and dad took Tera out to the local hangouts birthday party. Looks like it was a rough night!