Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My birthday is January 29th and the kyote got me an early present. A Damale bracelet by Bill Murdoch. She's gorgeous!!

"DAMALE - VARISCITE / FAUSTITE & PAIUTE - TURQUOISE The Damale mine is located 30 miles east of Austin, Nevada on the east side of Damele Mountain at the south east end of the Simpson Park Range. The site is about a mile southwest of the Dry Creek (Godber) mine. Damale turquoise is distinctive because of the unusual colors the gems in a yellow-green to bright mint green with excellent hardness. The Damele deposit produces very little material of the standard blue colors most people commonly associate with turquoise. Mineralogically, most of the material produced here is likely Variscite, Chalcosiderite or possibly Faustite. The mine consists of a single medium sized open pit excavation. The adjoining Paiute turquoise deposit shares the same hill with the Godber mine, produces material of a standard good blue color. The Damale material is mostly in nugget form, with a webbing consisting of a dark brown to black matrix. Its availability is limited because the mine is fairly small and considerable laying back of the steep pit walls will be required for further production. The mine is worked only sporadically by the owner on a small scale. Due to its rare, bright and attractive colors, Damale is considered a collectible gemstone." Info from Nevada Outback Gems
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A Fly On The Wall said...

The stone front and center doesn't look like Variscite - is it the Paiute?

Anonymous said...

How lovely, I seem to notice it is harder now to get hubby to make me jewelry now that we do it ourself..strange huh ? But that is ONE nice gift !

JDRoseCOM said...