Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Damale Turquoise Nugget Birthday Present

Tomorrow is my birthday and today is my anniversary. My ol man got me a natural Damale turquoise nugget necklace. The nuggets are huge. I know many people will not know the meaning of Damale but that's ok. I still want to share. She is a beaut ......... I plan to take her apart and make a bracelet and earrings to match. I will post those later.

Damale is my favorite. The beads were hand made by Bill Murdoch.

Just wanting to show off. The ol man did good this time. Usually he gets me a new fridge or new door 0_o

Here she is done. ~Premium Quality Wholesale Gemstone Beads~


Cattrix said...

Dear Szarka,
lovely Turquoise, Score one for your DH.. Mine got me a freaking bread knife for my birthday one year. Ya, a bread knife. "Gee Thanks Hon, and you want me to get right on that Sammich for ya. right?" HA! He was lucky to get out the door before I used the knife.. hehe
(I just showed the turquoise to him,,, Look what Szarka got!!! )
Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

Kim said...

Nice :)
(and nuggety lol) sorry , just had to say it. Enjoy your rings too!