Saturday, March 15, 2008

Water water everywhere?

There are somewhere between 13 and 26 gold fishes to eat the skeeters. I am not sure though, they are elusive. There is some plants from the river in the pond and the fish like to hide from me.
You can't see the juniper tree on the left front but you can see the one on the right. I am going to use them as trellises for the scarlet runners. The very top bed is for the strawberries. The rest, hm, I have a map of what plants companion with other plants and it looks like a maze drawn by a drunk monkey. I guess when I get out there shovel in hand I will figure it out. The tree on the back of the garden is a live Oak. I hope the garden gets enough son. It will definitely get enough shade!
My daughter is swing crazy. We have put up four swings now in the really big Oak tree's. She swings for hours a day.
I have been busy as a beaver watching Kyote build and put up a pond with the unending help of a friend. I also had some help rooting out layers of limestone rock and then I hauled in garden dirt by the wheel barrel full to get a bit of a garden going behind the house. It is much bigger than the picture looks. I am having a hard time adjusting to the difference between gardening here in Texas compared to Canada. Canning jars? Why would I need canning jars when we can plant all year long? Too weird.
I was going to plant today but they are calling for 50 mile an hour winds for the next three days and then I am off to the warehouse to buy beads so I guess the garden doesn't go in for another week. I sure hope I won't be too late then before the summer heat hits and melts all the plants.


Joann said...

I'm jealous. I want a pond, but I'm living in a condo. So it won't be for a while.

It looks very nice! If the skeeters get too feisty, try some mosquito fish. I used to get them from the county vector control for free. They breed well too, so you won't run out.

Ab-stractions said...

I'm jealous too!

JULIA IN OZ said...

Hi Szarka i have bought from you but never read youre blog before,its not boring,i wondered that about my own,with pics of beading,fishponds wildlife etc ,its great,.More people living an alternative lifestyle,just love it.the fishpond will get better in time,ours grew stuff all about.Nice kids,nice place nice life enjoy julia