Thursday, November 02, 2006


My jewelry is rustic and earthy and very different from a lot of peoples. My booth reflected and excentuated that fact. You will probably not want to mimic my display but since you asked to see it ................. Hundreds of pairs of earring hang on a hand crochetted cotton curtain. People would spend an hour at the curtain alone choosing earrings. How could you leave with just one pair?

Expensive and unique pieces were displayed in the glass cases and hung from the sides of the wood dislay cases to attract attention. You can not see them in the photos but the stood out from the path by the booth and pulled people in.

This is the inside of the bus we use to live in on the road. This is the living room couch. My daughter is watching cartoons on the TV in the consol above the drivers seat while sipping a smoothy.

This a part of the booth when set up in Quartzsite Arizona, that is why you see more than just jewelry and a lot more stones etc.... This was not the ussual set up. This was for a few months at a time so it varied from the one I did on weekends at Festivals etc....

These are the beautiful buffalo hide boots Ky makes.

Another stand up jewelry display that was bolted onto the table. No blowing away of anything on my watch.

One of the many displays of rings, wire wrapped.

LOL This is in Quartziste and my daughter decided we needed to sell large stuffed animals which was a dismal failure mixed with jewelry and people who live in RV's. It made Quartzsite very bearable for her that winter though, I broke even and gave the rest away to another vendor.

To the right you can see a row of hand crochetted clothing. In the far back a large display of hand crochetted buffalo wool hats I use to make. To the left and behind is another 10 by 20 booth in an L with this 10 by 20. At weekend shows I would only set up one.

Tera telling a terrifying tale, LOL. You can see a bit more of the wood display for jewelry behind her.

These pictures do not show the richness and depth of the booth. Nor how it looked at festivals but it gives you a bit of an idea. This was close to break down and much had been packed away for our trip to the North.

You can see the pink bus now at

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